**Press Release** Famous Smoke Debuts a new FREE Online Resource to Cigar Smokers

Famous Smoke Shop is at it again!!  We try our best to give a little bit extra to its customers and cigar smokers all over the world.  We have just created a new piece of cigar knowledge to share. 

I am reaching out to let you take a look at our Cigar Ring Gauge Tool & Wrapper Guide! This is a great tool that all cigar smokers should have to help them choose the right cigars for whatever the occasion may be.  This tool is a free, yes, I said it FREE downloadable PDF that you can take an keep with you anywhere you like to smoke or order your cigars. Link: https://www.famous-smoke.com/cigar-ring-gauge-tool ​ We have created this press release, and press image (see attached) which was distributed this morning (Thursday 3/29/18).  Feel free to post this or use this as a base to create your own original informative post about this useful tool for both new cigar smokers and cigar smoking veterans.  Famous Smoke Shop appreciates your continued support of keeping the cigar industry a knowledgeable and ever-growing community.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or potential collaboration ideas for this or a future project.

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