NFL Football & Cigars Go Together Like Salt & Pepper

By MrCigarEnthusiast

A new season of NFL Football has begun, and fans are once again huddled in front of their televisions every Sunday to catch their favorite teams in action on the field.

Football fans gather up their favorite snacks such as nachos, chicken wings, potato chips and of course beer, to enjoy as they partake in watching the battle of the pigskin. Another staple that football fans enjoy during football season is cigars.

Not only do football fans enjoy a nice cigar during the game, but many NFL Legends and Hall of Famers such as Mike Ditka, Dick Butkus and of course the legendary Vince Lombardi enjoyed a cigar, both on and off the field.

Many fans agree that Football  and cigars go hand in hand, and belong together like Salt and Pepper.  Many NFL Players upon winning one of the most revered trophies in professional sports; The Vince Lombardi Trophy, as winners of The Super Bowl, light up a celebratory stogie to share their pride in winning the biggest game in the NFL.

If no one in the NFL smoked cigars, it  just wouldn't be the NFL.  Players celebrating their big victories without a stogie in their mouths, most likely wouldn't enjoy said victory as much.  This is for both football fans and players in the NFL, enjoy those cigars as much as you can, for 16 games come and go in the blink of an eye.

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