How to Light a Cigar

By MrCigarEnthusiast Today, I am going to talk about how to light your cigar.  Now some people think that lighting a cigar is exactly the same as lighting a cigarette, but this is definitely not the case at all.  Before we go into how you light your cigar, I am going to talk briefly on what you should light your cigar with. When some people light their cigars, they use a regular cigarette lighter and they torch the cigar until it lights up. You should never use lighters that contain lighter fluid, such as a Zippo, or cigarette lighter. Lighters like those, when they are exposed to cigar tobacco kill the scents, and tastes of the cigar because of the fluid's harsh chemicals.  You should use matches made of wood, or you can use 'Cigar Lighters', such as butane.  Because butane is odorless, and is not nearly as harsh as chemical based lighter fluid, it will not impede the rich aromas and tastes of most cigars, so using 'Cigar Lighters' is a much better alternative to fluid based lighters. When you use wood matches, it is best to use a strip of cedar.  Cedar, like butane is also odorless when it is lit, so it too is a great alternative when lighting a cigar. Also, the strips themselves are very inexpensive, most cigar shops will give them to you for free.  So, those two methods are the best methods to use when lighting a cigar. Now that we have that out of the way let's get into the nitty-gritty, how to actually light your cigar the proper way.  After your cigar has been cut, and is ready to be lit, if you are using a 'Cigar Lighter' or "Wood Matches" with a cedar strip, hold the cigar on almost a 45 degree angle.  Light the lighter or cedar strip, making sure the flame is straight, now bring the cigar close to the flame, but make sure you do not let the cigar touch the flame at all. Slowly rotate the cigar in a clock-wise motion, just barely letting the cigar feel the intense heat of the lighter. You will begin to see the edge of the foot light up, make sure the foot is lit all the way around.  Once that is done, gently blow on the foot, so the edges will ignite the rest of the foot. This way, the foot will burn at an even rate, so once you start taking your first few puffs, the cigar will draw evenly, and the wrapper will not burn at an uneven rate. When that happens, the wrapper will suffer some damage, and will be more susceptible to it going out.  Now bear in mind, that this will take some practice so again, I recommend buying some cheapy cigars and practicing on them, before you break your bank to buy some more expensive, higher quality cigars. But once you become an expert on lighting your cigars, there is nothing better than seeing the results of a perfectly lit cigar. When you see the wrapper burn at a perfect rate, the ash nice and white. You will enjoy your cigar even more when it is lit the way they should be.

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