How to Cut Your Cigar

By MrCigarEnthusiast I am going to talk to you about how you should properly cut a cigar, for those of you that are still new to smoking cigars. Some people use several methods of cutting cigars. Most cigar enthusiasts use Cigar Cutters, such as a guillotine, or a scissor style cigar cutter.  Some use what is called a "Cigar Punch", this device literally punches a hole in the center of the "Cap" of the cigar.  Others just use regular kitchen scissors to cut the cigar, which is convenient, but it will destroy the cigar itself and will not be worth smoking. And others just bite the end off of the cigar for the sake of quickness. This last method should be used at all, no matter if you are a novice cigar smoker, or an expert.   All cigars have one thing in common, they are all wrapped in a protective covering called a "Wrapper". The Wrapper protects the inside of the cigar, or what is commonly called the "Filler". When you cut your cigar, you want to make sure that whatever you use to cut it, is nice and sharp.  Whether it's a cigar cutter, either guillotine, or a scissor style of cutter. The thing to remember, is that if your cut is not clean and straight, the cigar's wrapper may come apart, then it will unravel. And when that happens, the cigar will not be very enjoyable to smoke once the wrapper is not in tact. Remember, on all Cigars there is an open end and a closed end.  The closed end of a cigar is called the "Cap", which is the part that I have mentioned earlier in this article. The open end of a cigar is called the "Foot".  For most cigars, the "Cap" is rounded, so when you cut the cigar, the best place to cut it would be where the "Shoulder", or the part where the "Cap" of the cigar rounds out. With your cutter, make a straight cut, with a smooth, but quick motion.  If you cut on an angle, you could damage the "Wrapper", and if you cut too slow, the "Filler" tobacco inside the cigar will bunch up, which will impede the taste and smoking enjoyment of the cigar. With a nice clean cut, the "Cap" end of your cigar will be smooth, and will emit the perfect tastes and aromas once you start smoking it. Cutting your cigar will take practice, if you are a novice smoker, your first few cuts will not be perfect.  My suggestion would be to buy some very inexpensive " Convenience Store" Cigars and practice with them, if you're not worried about damaging them. Most of those types of cigars are filled with a mixture of paper and low quality tobacco, so if you botch your first few attempts at cutting, you will not lose any sleep over it. But with practice, you will be able to cut a cigar with literally no thought or no effort at all. Once you master this, your cigars will taste top notch.

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