Cigar Bands: On Or Off?

By MrCigarEnthusiast Cigar Bands, more specifically choosing to leave them on or off your cigar, has been a hot button topic since said bands were implemented, according to Cuban archives in the 1830s. When you smoke your favorite cigars, do you prefer to leave the band on or off?

A big percentage of the time I prefer to take the band off, to save the hassle of having to take it off during the smoking process later on, when the cigar has burned close to it. But on occasion I do leave it on, depending on how integrated it is into the cigar wrapper. Sometimes damage to the wrapper can occur, when the band is taken off prematurely . There are some old-school and albeit strange thoughts, that leaving the cigar band on your cigar is poor cigar etiquette, as it  shows what brand of cigar you are smoking, almost as a way of flaunting it. Personally I don't understand that school of thought, but to each his or her own. Either way, whether you leave the band on or off, it doesn't impede or inhibit the smoker's enjoyment of the cigar they are smoking. But as I said earlier, if you do choose to remove the band from your cigar, do it with extreme care. Because if the wrapper is damaged due to band removal, it can truly ruin the cigar and its smoking experience.

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