Boda Cigars & Pipes: A Fine Southern Cigar Establishment

By MrCigarEnthusiast

I had recently  went on a trip to the beautiful State of South Carolina, and while I was there in the Greenville Area, I frequented a fantastic cigar shop called Boda Pipes & Cigars.  In my neck of the woods in the Province of Nova Scotia  in Canada, we do not have traditional cigar B&M's or other forms of cigar establishments, so this was indeed a real treat for me to shop  for and smoke some fine cigars. 

From the first moment I walked into Boda, I was enthralled by the enormous smoking area for patrons, who want to relax and have a cigar, but I was also blown away by Boda's massive walk-in humidor, where you could pick out any brand, blend and size of cigar you wish.  I first met a kindly older gentleman, who smoked a pipe who was very courteous to me and my friend Erin, this employee definitely personified the phrase 'Old Southern Hospitality.'

*Photos courtesy of MrCigarEnthusiast

When I first walked into  Boda's walk-in humidor, I was captivated by all the different scents from the near limitless brands of cigars that Boda sells, with prices that compare to cigar prices in Canada, were a dream come true. I was able to browse freely and take my time to pick out what I wanted, without the pressures of sales staff giving me the stink-eye, like some cigar shops.  The staff of Boda Pipes & Cigars were very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable of the product they were selling, not to mention professional to boot. On one of my frequent trips to Boda while sitting down having a beefy Brickhouse  Mighy Mighty Maduro, I had a fantastic conversation with Andrew, who is the Assistant Manager of Boda Pipes & Cigar. Andrew and I spoke on everything, from the major changes in the cigar industry over the last few years, to the differences in the cost of living indexes of Canada and the United States.  Not only can you enjoy a nice cigar in Boda's beautiful lounge, but you can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee, from Boda's wide selection of house and traditional blends. The coffee was excellent, hot, fresh and at a very affordable price. 

*Photos courtesy of MrCigarEnthusiast

In addition to the wide selection of cigars from Boda's walk-in humidor, it has an excellent selection of cigar accessories, everything from cases, cutters, lighters and humidors. If you happen to walk in to purchase a cigar, but you forgot to bring a lighter or a cutter, the friendly staff will help you on both accounts, they will cut the cigar and will offer you a book of free wood matches to strike up that stogie.  The next time you are in the Greenville, SC Area, you would be amiss not to stop into Boda Pipes and Cigars if you are truly a passionate cigar enthusiast. Boda is located at  the  McAlister Square Shopping Center, which is located at 225 S Pleasantburg Dr E9. So check out Boda Pipes & Cigars, sit in the lounge and enjoy that cigar! 

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